Curriculum - Creative Development

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Creative DevelopmentCreative Development: Children should be able to respond in a variety of ways to what they see, hear, smell, touch and feel. Imaginative play, pictures, paintings and constructions all help to develop these creative skills, however the emphasis should be on the enjoyment, expression and learning that takes place rather than on the final product.

  • A specialist music teacher comes to the nursery and teaches the children how to use and play instruments. They learn control and play the instruments fast and slow, loud and quiet etc…
  • The children are given opportunities to dress up and play in the role play area acting out situations
  • The children of all ages use a range of resources to be creative with and play with jelly, gloop, custard, sand, water, beans, mushy peas, salt dough, shaving foam and much more introducing them to textures and smells where they can mould, make shapes with and draw into.