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Interactive White Board

Interactive Whiteboard

The nursery has had an interactive whiteboard installed. The children can now develop their computer skills by using their finger to control the cursor. The board has a set of coloured pens which also helps the children with their fine motor control. The whiteboard builds the children’s confidence as is easy change things that they have created if necessary. They can rub out and start again as many times as they need to and then to print off their picture when they are ready. The whiteboard can be used to play educational games, practice mark making and create their own stories and characters.

Turtle BusTurtle Bus

Being in the park is a great resource. However, the nursery children only have little legs that get tired quite quickly. We have a 6 seater turtle bus which the children can sit in and see all of the park, getting out when they want to stretch their legs and get back into when they start to get tired. This now means we can go and feed the ducks and access more of the park with ease.

Music Lessons

We have a specialist music teacher that comes into the nursery every week to work with the children, using the many different instruments we have. Laura is an experienced teacher who works in many Primary schools and nurseries delivering music. She can play many instruments herself including the keyboard and Guitar and brings these to the nursery for the children to experience.


The nursery makes strong links with the community. The gardeners are always out and about and stop to have a chat when they are not busy planting flowers and cutting the grass!! We can ask the gardeners about the trees, flowers, plants and wildlife in the park and they are always very helpful.